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EMEA Joins Coalition to Defeat the Tax on Oregon Sales

May 05, 2016 6:17 PM | Jarvez Hall (Administrator)

The East Metro Economic Alliance has officially joined the Coalition to Defeat the Tax on Oregon Sales. A coalition committed to defeat IP 28, an initiative proposed on the November 2016 statewide ballot. We implore or members, stakeholders and communities to join us and vote no on IP 28 come November. 

IP 28 would impose more than $5 Billion in new taxes on Oregon sales of large employers and many companies doing business in our state --- the largest increase in state history.

Because the new tax would be on sales --- not profits --- companies would be required to pay the tax if they are making small profits, or even if they are losing money.

Oregon consumers, as well as small businesses, should be very concerned about this costly and damaging proposal. IP 28 would create huge new taxes on many products sold in Oregon, as well as on services provided by Oregon employers, even if those services are sold around the world.

The non-partisan Legislative Revenue Office has estimated that IP 28 would increase taxes by more than $5 Billion per two-year budget cycle – by far the largest tax increase in our state’s history.

Despite proponents’ claims, this unprecedented new tax would increase costs for working families and consumers and would hurt businesses in our state without any guarantee the money would make it into our classrooms or help our schools. That’s because all of the money from this measure goes to the General Fund with no plan and no accountability for how IP 28’s billions in new taxes would be spent.

We feel this measure is contrary to economic development and contrary to the EMEA mission of promoting economic vitality in our region. 

To learn more about IP 28, click on the Recent Articles link.


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